Welcome to mutant high part 3

I just wanted to put it out there that I'm going off of the X-Men movies.So if you're expecting it to be more like the comic books than sorry.

I hope you enjoy it, please put any comments or questions in the comment box. Feed back is accepted wether it's good or bad. Have fun reading...

Created by: bananabread

  1. After a quick lunch with Bobby, John, and Kitty we head to Triginometery, taught by Cyclops. I'm not going to lie, I hate math, any kind of math. Wether it be adding up number or learning advanced formulas and equations. I walk hand in hand with Bobby and John seems a bit more annoyed by this than usual.
  2. Right before we walk through the doors I get a weird feeling in my stomach and let go of Bobby's hand. "What's wrong? Everything okay?" He asks and everybody is looking at me to see if I'm alright.
  3. I dislike all of the eyes burning hole in to me searching for something wrong. "It's nothing bad, but something is definately..." I search for the right word, "new,"
  4. John doesn't bother to hear any more, he just pushes the doors open and breaks everybody attentionon me. At first I don't see anything out of the norm, but then it hits me. Literally.
  5. The cannon ball sized planet that struck me kept moving. After composing myselfI notice that the room has become a 4-D model of space. It was amazing seeing the planets and stars moving and circling around the classroom. An awestruck gasp escapse me and I hear a similar reaction around me.
  6. It stays floating for a second before collapsing into a boy standing at the front of Mr. Summers desk. His back is to us and from what I observe immediately is that he's tall. He towers over Cyclops by at least a head.
  7. Mr. Summers notices us and so does the new person. "This is James, he will be you new classmate. His power is 4-D projection. And this," he gestures to a girl sitting near the back, "is Rouge. Likewise, she is a new student and we haven't really discovered what her power is yet,"
  8. There was no need for Mr. Summers to do more introductions because everyone had arrived behind us to hear them both. We all file in to sit down, strangely quiet considering what we just saw. I sit down at a table and expect Bobby to sit down next to me as per usual, but this time he sits down next to the new girl Rouge.
  9. "Lover Boy leave you," John whispers in my ear as he sits down to my left. I scowl at him and look forward. Commotion to my right captures my attention.
  10. "I'm sure you already heard, but I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm James." He says and reaches out a hand. Now that I have a closer view, I really observe his face. He has a nice square jaw, long skinny nose, straigh black hair, and bright blue eyes. I take it and introduce myself. "That's a pretty impressive power you have there," I compliment him. "Thank you, maybe sometime I'll have to show you more," "Maybe I'll take you up on it," I smile at him.
  11. John leans over my desk to join the conversation, "Sorry dude but you're going to have to get in line. She already has a boyfriend and once she realizes that he's not going to be sticking around for much longer, I'm next in line," He smiles and leans back. I breath in deeply and try not to explode, metaphorically and physically. Before I could comment on what he said, Mr. Summers starts the lesson and I'm left to my own devices on how to understand this. *Done for today*

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