Welcome to mutant high (part 2)

So even though this is only the second quiz, please read the first one. And yeah! THe main character's name is Ember, your choices so far are Bobby and John (fire and ice!) and I'm thinking of another character to throw in the mix.

So ja... You don't have to answer the question, I'm just talking to talk, but who would you be from X-Men. I think I'd be Magneto. As nice as I am to people, I'd rather be an evil dude with insanely strong power.

Created by: bananabread

  1. The flames from the house are strong enough to push me out of the house. The snow cushions my fall and envelopes me in it's icey arms. The shock of what just happens doesn't even reach my head because I'm wrapped in pain. All I do is stare at my and see the glowing hint of red underneath it.
  2. (presant day) Most days I sleep during the day, that way everybody is alert and aware of anything I do. I try not to doze off during class but sometimes it happens.
  3. "Ember, is there something on your mind?" Professor Xavier's voice pulls at my dazed state. I look around and notice everybody has left except for me. "Sorry professor, I didn't sleep that well last night," I confessed before I collected my stuff.
  4. Before I could reach the door he spoke again. "Remember Ember, even though you can't control your past, you can choose your future," I thought about this a few seconds, thanked him and walked through the doors.
  5. I know that he must have been reading my thoughts to have said that. While dazed I was remembering the horrible, life changing night that he found me. It's something I've never let myself get over even though it was as painful as being eaten alive.
  6. Again I began to dazed while walking to go get lunch. I didn't see the body flying down the stairs at an alarming speed and straight at me.
  7. We collided and fell to the floor. My head reverberated off of the floor, my vision speckled with black, and the heavy weight of a person crushed my lungs. The strained words escaped me "What's happening?"
  8. "Oh sorry Ember, I forgot one of my notebooks for Professor Stoms class and decided I might as well get it before lunch ended." Booby apologized as he help me up off the ground.
  9. I hug his arm and say, "Alright see you later babe," before kissing his cheak and walking away.
  10. I remember when me and Bobby first go together. It was the beginning of the year and when he showed up the feeling I got around him felt different. Even with my little randez vous with John, I was more commited to Bobby.
  11. I sigh as I can't help but want to finally kiss him but I can't really let myself let go. *Done for today :)*

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