What X-Men Mutant Are You?

Welcome! What X-Men mutant are you? There are so many personalities, which you will find out. Do the test to find out what mutant you are! Enjoy!

It's a lovely day today, isn't it? The earth is still a planet... Just trying to fill in space. FYI there are ten total X-Men in this quiz. Who are you most like? And least?

Created by: Cooper of Bob
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  1. Are you always looking for something to do?
  2. How much do you offend people?
  3. Do you enjoy getting revenge?
  4. How often do you play tricks on people?
  5. How much do you hate jokes and playing around?
  6. How often do you rage?
  7. Are you a Social Butterfly?
  8. Do you find it hard to control yourself?
  9. Do you read people well?

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Quiz topic: What X-Men Mutant am I?