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The Marvel Comics universe is vast, with a deep bench of heroes ranging from Spiderman to the Avengers to the X-Men, the Hulk and Fantastic Four to Daredevil and Deadpool. And we cannot forget such villains as Dr. Doom, Thanos, Magneto and Galactus!

Marvel has been publishing comics since 1939, although it didn't bear the "Marvel" moniker until 1961 -- the beginning of the Stan Lee era (as well as Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby). Generations have been thrilled by the epic adventures of Marvel's heroes. If you count yourself a fan, you will love our quizzes here. They are each made by fans, to be taken and shared. Please enjoy!


Our Marvel Universe Quizzes

  • The Ultimate Marvel Quiz!
    [by: Nom de Plume, rated: rated: 3.13/5, published: Aug 9, 2018]

    This Infinity War-focused quiz will separate the real fans from the casuals. Can you answer all 20 questions?

  • Which Avenger Would Be Your Mentor?
    [by: Hannatude, rated: rated: 4.52/5, published: Jun 26, 2014]

    You've earned the change to work alongside one of the Avengers! But which one?

  • Which Captain America Are You?
    [by: Pesky Redhead, rated: rated: 3.45/5, published: Nov 18, 2014]

    Many people have taken up the name and costume of Captain America since Steve Rogers, and all of them have brought their own unique skills and perspective to…

  • Which Marvel character are you?
    [by: Mok, rated: rated: 3.24/5, published: Jun 10, 2008]

    Marvel Comics has created some of the most powerful heroes and villains of today's world, so which one does your personality resemble the most? Find out here…

  • which MARVEL super hero are you?
    [by: Ivan, rated: rated: 2.94/5, published: Jan 21, 2007]

    This quiz is basically to decide which Marvel Avengers hero you are. These questions are completely random but have something to do with the character that…

  • it's time for a MARVEL quiz!
    [by: Samuel, rated: rated: 2.74/5, published: Dec 10, 2008]

    This is quiz that tests you knowledge about the Marvel comics (and not the movies)! You will find super easy questions and terribly difficult questions.

Daredevil Quizzes

Iron Man Quizzes

Spider-Man Quizzes

  • Could you be Spiderman?
    [by: Grant, rated: rated: 4.07/5, published: Jul 31, 2009]

    Think you could be the web-slinging hero? This quiz will find out.

X-Men Quizzes

  • Extensive X-Men Trivia and History Quiz
    [by: J Derrick Unger, rated: rated: 4.4/5, published: Nov 7, 2018]

    Welcome, New Mutants! If you want to graduate to X-Men, you're going to have to pass a history test. We can't have any noobs messing up the facts on any…

  • What X-Men Mutant Are You?
    [by: Cooper, rated: rated: 3.93/5, published: Dec 13, 2017]

    Welcome! What X-Men mutant are you? There are so many personalities, which you will find out. Do the test to find out what mutant you are! Enjoy!

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