How Much of a (Cinematic) Iron Man Fan Are You?

Most of us are fans. A majority of those fans are superhero fans, and at least half the superhero fans are Marvel fans. I'd go so far to say that at least half of the Marvel fans are Iron Man fans. In short, there are a TON of Iron Man fans right now, especially as far as the cinematic Marvel Universe is concerned.

But how much of a cinematic Iron Man fan ARE you? Find out by taking this quiz, compare yourself with how well you thought you would do. Heck, when you finish taking it, Iron Man'll call you up himself for a little chat! (In this text, of course. Sadly, the real Iron Man won't be calling you.)

Created by: Cookieh
  1. Let's start with an easy one. What's Iron Man's real name?
  2. Now, what's the name of Iron Man's love interest?
  3. Interesting. What's that little glowy thing in Iron Man's chest?
  4. Finish the quote: "Give yourself at least 12% of the credit." "12%? My baby? 12%?"
  5. Who's Iron Man's bestie? (Out of these people. Yes I know, all you SciBros, something's missing)
  6. Can you tell me what the Iron Man suit is made of?
  7. What's the name of the robot Iron Man built in high school?
  8. So, the lasers that Iron Man can shoot from his hands. Pretty cool, right?
  9. What's Iron Man's most useful watch?
  10. Iron Man's love interest gave him a trophy of sorts. What was it?
  11. Who doesn't have that kind of temperament?
  12. What goes through your head at these names? Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye
  13. Where did Iron Man make his first suit?
  14. What does Stark Industries manufacture?
  15. What did Iron Man do to rescue Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 3?
  16. Have you ever roleplayed or something of the like something involving Iron Man?
  17. Who's the Mechanic?
  18. Finally. Last question. This one's difficult, I warn you. Ready? RED-y? What color is the Iron Man suit?

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