Are you a marvel maniac?

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There are many who know what Marvel is and Iron man and Thor. But how many really do, do you? This eleven question quiz will let you find out if you really know the marvel universe.

There have been many marvel events: AvX, Fear itself, M-day, Secret Wars, Civil war, and more how many of them do you know? There are also many characters the shroud, Cloak, Howard the Duck, Living lighting who do you know. In just a few minutes find out how well you really know the marvel universe

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  1. What comic did Iron fist make his premiere?
  2. In AvX who became the Phoenix five
  3. How many secret wars where there?
  4. In the age of apocalypse reality who killed Proffesor X
  5. Who is Magneto's daughter
  6. Who/what was the second villian the avengers fought?
  7. Who has not been in the fantastic four?
  8. Who was one of the five original west coast Avengers?
  9. In what comic did Terrax the tamer first appear in?
  10. Galactus' real name is...
  11. The Grey Gargoyles touch can leave someone turned to stone for up to how long?
  12. Who spoke the words "no more mutants" that then caused M-day?
  13. In what earth time stream does the main marvel universe take place
  14. Who are nocturnes parents
  15. About how long can Baron Blood stay in sunlight?

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Quiz topic: Am I a marvel maniac?