What do the MARVEL characters and I think of you?

What do we think of you? All of us, Wolverine(Logan), Captain America(Steve), Iron Man(Tony), Thor, Loki, Hulk(Bruce), Deadpool(Wade Wilson), and I are going to be asking questions and giving our thoughts of you.

This quiz is for girls but boys can take it! I just hope you like my quiz and answer truthfully! This took me an hour to make! Sorry if the characters seem a little OOC(out of character), I tried my best.

Created by: amazon
  1. I am Shadow, the last Shapeshifting Dragon. My Dragon army is mostly off in the Alter Verse protecting the humans from Unicorns and Pegasus. So I've been staying in a mansion with Tony Stark(Trashcan Man), Bruce Banner(Big Green), Steve Rogers(Spangles or Capsicle), Nova(my favorite Marvel character, but he just left the mansion on a trip, so he won't be here for the quiz), Logan(Wolvie, Claws, Cheese-Slicer), Loki(Reindeer Boy), and Thor(God of Thundering Voice). Are you ready to start the quiz?
  2. So now this is RP(role playing). Okay, you are in the hall and you trip, but someone catches you. Who is it?
  3. Me: The whole team is gonna ask some questions. Bruce! (Shock sounds and Bruce is in the doorway, stained with black) Bruce: Okay I'm not getting out of this so what's your favorite weapon?
  4. Me: Okay, bye Bruce. Spangles! Steve: Yes? Me: Ask a question to the reader! Steve: What's your superpower?
  5. Me: Trashcan! Tony: What? Me: Get your sorry butt over here and ask a question. Tony: Aren't I the sexiest man ever? Me: I really hate you, and the answer is no.
  6. Me: Okay, Deadpool! You're up! Deadpool: Yay! Okay, what do you think of me? Me: (groans) Oh, Deadpool...
  7. Me: Okay, who's next? Oh, Tony, you're back... Tony: How much do you lo- -I throw him out the window again- Deadpool: My turn! (Jumps out the window happily) Me: Okay... So, Reindeer Boy! Loki: I hate it when you call me that. Me: (Bops his nose) That's why I do it. Loki: (sighing) Which group do you belong to?
  8. Me: Claws! Come on! Logan: Okay, what's your favorite drink?
  9. Me: Okay, thanks Wolvie. Now, God of Thundering Voice! Deadpool: Hi! (Hugs me) I really feel like hugging today! Me: Okay. Thor, ask a question. Thor: Do you trust my brother?
  10. Me: I think that's everyone. Okay, now Deadpool, can ya let go? Deadpool: Okay... Sorry. Me: No need to apologize. Wait! Did you just say 'sorry'? Deadpool: Can we go unalive someone already?! Me: Whatever, let's go.

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