are you a marvel fan?

there are many types of fans of different things in this world. you will see in this quiz if you are a marvel fan or not. maybe you will know everything to know about marvel.

so are you a marvels the only way you can find out is if you take this quiz. maybe you know nothing about marvel. or maybe you know half of the stuff in marvel. i guess we will see if you are a true fan of marvel.

Created by: darkphoenix

  1. which mutant is the white phoenix of the crown?
  2. who is the new spider man in the ultimate universe?
  3. which person is believed to be the first mutant?
  4. who used to have the name x-man?
  5. what is Iron mans real name?
  6. what suit did Peter Parker wear?
  7. what is dead pools real name?
  8. which x-man is blue and can teleport?
  9. who is cyclops brother?
  10. cable is the son of...

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Quiz topic: Am I a marvel fan?