Are YOU a Marvel Expert?

Do you think you are a total Marvel expert? If you think you are, take this quiz! See what questions you get wrong or right. Marvel is harder than you think...

Thank you for choosing this quiz. You will not be let down. Don't dunk my head in a trash can if it is bad. This is my first quiz. :>) :>P Marvel!!!!!

Created by: Scarlet Witch

  1. In Thor Ragnarok, Thor finds out _____ is related to him.
  2. In Avengers Age of Ultron, __________________ gives Ultron the vibranium to power him.
  3. Thor dumps Jane in the movie ________________.
  4. In Black Panther, T'Chaka kills his ____________.
  5. Tony Stark's father is ___________________.
  6. In Captain America, Steve Rogers' bestie is ________________.
  7. Before he was an Avenger, Tony Stark was a ___________ _________________.
  8. Where does Tony Stark's home stand?
  9. Who is Thanos's favorite daughter?
  10. *Bonus* When is my birthday?

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