How Much Of A Marvel Zombie Are You ?

Do you enjoy an afternoon filled with heroic adventures and skin tight costumes ? Do you know who D-Man is ? If so, here is a fun and challenging quiz for you.

Marvel Zombieism is not a bad plaque that causes people to eat brains, it's a elite memebership into a world created over 40 years ago. Here are a few questions for all you dedicated enough to be proud to read Spider Man on a bus.

Created by: Sullylou42

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  1. Who is Peter Parker
  2. Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk when ....
  3. Wolverine has how many claws ?
  4. Silver Surfer is who's herald ?
  5. Steve Rodgers has also been known as ?
  6. Iron Man's secret identity Tony Stark is what ?
  7. What color are the Things eyes ?
  8. Finish the statement ... " friendly neighborhood.....
  9. In the Ultimate universe, Captian America referred to Wolverine as ?
  10. The X-men consist of what ?
  11. Who writes The Punisher MAX series ?
  12. Namor is in love with ?
  13. In the Ultimate universe, who did Magneto send to kill Carles Xavier ?
  14. Who draws the Charlie Huston run on Moon Knight ?
  15. Doctor Octopus almost married ?
  16. Jessica Jones has a baby with ?
  17. What is the Avengers battle cry ?
  18. Nick Fury is missing ?
  19. Hawkeye has was impairment ?
  20. In the Ulitimate universe, who is Hobgoblin ?
  21. Who created Namor the Sub-Mariner ?
  22. In the Ultimate Universe, what does Sabertooth tell Wolverine ?
  23. What color has Iron Man not been ?
  24. Doctor Doom once was ?
  25. In the Ultimate Universe , The Fantastic Four opened a portal to ?
  26. The Punisher's real name is
  27. Who has picked up Thor's Hammer ?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Marvel Zombie am I ?