It's Time For a MARVEL Quiz!

This is quiz that tests you knowledge about the Marvel comics (and not the movies)! You will find super easy questions and terribly difficult questions.

Be sure to answer truthfully and carefully. Are you smart enough to get 100 or just 1%? Are you Member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society? Well if you are, let's get started!

Created by: Samuel

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  1. Who came first?
  2. Who was the first African-American Superhero?
  3. What collage does Peter Parker go to?
  4. Who is "The Man"?
  5. What is the false title?
  6. What is Captain Americas real name?
  7. What was the first Marvel team?
  8. What is Stan Lee's real name?
  9. Who was the first to illustrate Spider-Man?
  10. Who was the first villain the Fantastic Four encountered?
  11. What is the Wizzer's power?
  12. Who were the first characters to fight?
  13. What was the original color of The Incredible Hulk?
  14. Who was the first Spider-Man villain to appear twice?
  15. What villain does Joe 'Robbie' Robertson know from High-School?

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