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  • Answers to some of these are wrong - Luke Cage was not the first black superhero ; that was the Black Panther. He was created in the 60s in the pages of Fantastic Four - Cage was created in the 70s. Stan Lee is ALWAYS referred to as 'The Man' - Stan 'the Man' Lee. Spiderman has never been called 'The Man'. As for your titles - The Wasp is regularly referred to as the WONDEROUS Wasp - in fact all four of the titles you used as examples rlate to the characters.

  • I am officially asking my brother to let me read his comic books even IF he's saving them as collectibles -_- I love comic books and I got 7%! Lol. Still, great quiz, challenging questions!

  • Your knowledge of the Marvel comics is 20%! 20%

    Why did you even think about taking this test? Now why don't you go read some comics stop embracing yourself!

  • Stan Lee's real name is Stanley Martin Lieber

  • i do read comic books


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