Marvel- Do you Know Them?

"People like you have many different qualities for many different responsibilities....OH! Sorry! Just watchin some Spiderman! Oh you think you're better than me in Marvel? Can you answer my quiz? Do you know the Marvel Crew? They Know U!"

"They are waiting for you in the world of Marvel! There you will Meet The Hulk, Iron Man, and many different people! This quiz is hard and you will get stubbed! But don't give up! Or Ghost Rider will be very displeased! Take this and have fun!

Created by: Arthur
  1. What is Spider Man's Alter Ego?
  2. How did Ghost Rider get his identity?
  3. Who is Spider Man's one true love?
  4. What is Benjamin Grimm's Hero Identity?
  5. What names did Johnny Storm give to the Fantastic Four before they changed it?
  6. Who is Professor Xavier?
  7. Who is James Howlett aka, Logan?
  8. How did Doctor Strange lose his hands?
  9. Bobby Drake and Silvie Rouge are what two X-Men?
  10. Who dies in the second movie of X-Men?
  11. Last one! What is Daredevil's disability?

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Quiz topic: Marvel- do I Know Them?