How Well Do You Know The Avengers (In The Comics)

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Want to see how much Marvel comics you read or want to learn or just like Marvel then take this Marvel comics quiz to see how much you know about it!!!

Want to see these crazy discoveries about Marvel comics this is true believe it or not I recommend seeing the answers at the end so you could know what crazy things are in Marvel comics!!!

Created by: Baba
  1. What Is Dr. Strange's Weapon, Other Than Mystic Arts?
  2. Is Scarlet Witch Married And If She Is, Does She Have Kids?
  3. Let's Say Thor From The Comics Switched With The One In The MCU Why Did He Understand Groot In Infinity War?
  4. What Is Captain Marvel's Power That's NOT In The MCU?
  5. What Are T'challa Powers Given To Him For Being King Other Than Being Black Panther?
  6. What Does Iron Man Do When Somebody Text Him? (He Can't Touch)
  7. Again If Hulk From The Comics Switch With The One In The MCU Then In Age Of Ultron What Would He Do When Scarlet Witch Mind Controls Him?
  8. Non-Comic Question just for fun What Was The Rumor About Ant-Man In Endgame?
  9. Would You Say If Hawkeye Wasn't Real Could You Say, Captain America, Could Take His Name And Why Is There A Power He Has In The Comics A Power That He Has But No One Notices Or Is It Because No Reason?
  10. What Is Vision (Example: Human), Is He Worthy To Wield Mjolnir, What Is He Made Of And What's On His Head
  11. What Does Spider-Man And Ant-Man Have In Common?
  12. What was the order of War Machines' life in being a superhero.
  13. What is Falcon's "Drone".
  14. What Disease or Disabilities does Hawkeye have?
  15. What Month and Year is when Black Widow joined the avengers in the comics?

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