what type of marvel superhero are you??*

There are many true marvel superheroes out there! What is a marvel superhero Its someone who has a destiny and apurpose to save the poeple among them even if they are human themselves,

Are u a marvel superhero? Taking responsibily? Saving millions of poeple and being Threatened at the same time while you are doing this wonderdul thing for human kind?

Created by: Luka

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose one of the following movies that u have watched more than 5 times*
  2. Let's say your a girl and one of these superheroes asked the big Question? Who will u marry?
  3. What's your fav colour?
  4. In witch movie plays the soundtrack kryptonite?*
  5. In witch movie does the uncle of the marvel superhero dies?
  6. How does global warming make u feel?
  7. Soo what's your fav marvel superhero logo*
  8. What's the colour of your eyes?
  9. Do you like the quiz???
  10. Rate my quiz!
  11. BTW , why are u taking this quizz?

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Quiz topic: What type of marvel superhero am I??*