Which Avenger are you?

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We all have our Favorite Avenger! But that doesn't mean we're anything like them. Time to find out which Avenger you are. Find out your deepest and most secretive feelings and compare them to the greatest superhero team in Marvel!

Are you an Avenger? Do you have what it takes to be like your favorite superhero? Now you can know the answer. Thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you'll know for sure!

Created by: Stefan
  1. Which of these animals do you like more?
  2. Which Disney character do you relate to most?
  3. Who are you in your group of friends?
  4. What song describes you best?
  5. Are you a Good guy/girl or Bad guy/girl???
  6. What do you value most in a friend?
  7. Favorite Movie?
  8. Whose your Favorite Justice League character?...Didn't see that one coming.
  9. Where would you like to work?
  10. What's your Fav color?
  11. Who's your Favorite Avenger?

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Quiz topic: Which Avenger am I?