Marvel's The Avengers (movie) Quiz

Do you have the observation skills of Avenger Hawkeye/Agent Barton? Do you notice details that many others overlook? It's a very good exercise for your brain so make a habit of it!

This quiz requires good observation skills as well as a good memory. If you are a die hard fan like me, details of superhero movies do not go missed by you!

Created by: Kim
  1. Which character from the movie, 'Thor' appears first in the movie?
  2. Which two Avengers characters do not get into a physical fight in the movie?
  3. How did Black Widow break the trance that Hawkeye was in?
  4. Who is the first to discover S.H.E.I.L.D. is making weapons with the tesseract?
  5. What food does Tony Stark offer Bruce Banner and Captain America when they are discussing suspicions about S.H.E.I.L.D?
  6. Who is responsible for breaking Dr. Selvig out of the trance Loki put him in?
  7. Who does Nick Fury state was his 'one good eye'?
  8. In the movie, who is believed to be dead but actually survives?
  9. Which Avenger shoots and injures Director Nick Fury with a gun?
  10. Which character in the movie is played by the actual actor that inspired the original comic book character?
  11. What does Loki claim he will free the human race from?
  12. What secret did Dr. Banner share with his fellow heroes regarding 'getting angry' and becoming Hulk?
  13. How does Thor respond to the bad talking about his brother Loki?
  14. How many suits of armor does Iron Man wear in the movie?

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