Do You Know the Avengers?

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There are many fans of the Avengers but very few are true groupies! Are you a fan or a groupie? I mean it really is a awesome marvel movie I love it muches!

Are you a true fan of the Avengers and are you really really in love with them like I am? If you are not sure then you should come and take this quiz.

Created by: ilovedogs
  1. Which Avenger leads the whole group?
  2. Which Avenger has a suit of armor?
  3. Who is the villain in in the movie?
  4. Who is a Captain America fan???
  5. What did Hulk say to Loki after he was finished flinging him around?
  6. What is Captain America doing at the beginning of the movie?
  7. What does Tony Think Dr. Banner should do?
  8. What is that one line that everybody remembers from the movie?
  9. What was SHIELD making that made Captain America angry?
  10. What was the one thing Agent Coulson wanted from Captain America?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Avengers?