Which member of the avengers are you?

There are many superheroes in the universe but i think the best are the avengers. Which one are you? This quiz is based on the upcoming 2012 movie so don't expect some of the classic superhero members from the comics.

Which avenger do you think you'll be?

Created by: darkwave
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. How would you prefer to defeat your enemy?
  3. What do you fight for?
  4. Who is your greatest enemy?
  5. Pro or Anti Registration act for superheroes?
  6. What weapon would you bring to fight?
  7. Which sporting activity do you prefer?
  8. What would you use to gain powers or skills?
  9. What kind of clothing would you use for your costume?
  10. What would your kind of super human would you be?

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Quiz topic: Which member of the avengers am I?