HOW WELL DO U KNOW THE AVENGER (cause they're awesome!)

This quiz is a quiz about the Avengers (obviously) But do you know them as well as I do. Tomboy speaking. I know more about them than my twin brother.

TAKE MY QUIZ! if you get a 100 you know everything about everything there is to know about the Avengers. unless you google it which would be cheating.

Created by: Avengersgeek

  1. What is the first thing you see when you start the movie.
  2. Who is the Villain in the movie?
  3. Who is this conversation between. "look at this! look around you! you think this madness will end with your rule!." "there's no stopping it." "Yes, we can, together." (not exactly word for word but if you know the movie FIGURE IT OUT!
  4. Who says "Jarvis, have you ever heard of the tale of Jonah?"
  5. What does Loki call Black widow after she asks about hawkeye?
  6. What does Loki answer when Captain America Says "What, scared of a little bit of lightning?" to him
  7. Who is "self absorbed and doesn't play well with others."
  8. ok hard question here but one of these answers are correct if you don't know he's also the "mad titan" in "Guardians of the Galaxy"
  9. What does Iron Man respond with when thor asks him. "do you have any idea what your dealing with."
  10. What is the last line Loki says.

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