Which Avenger are you?

If you were an Avenger which one would you be? Will you be the brutish Hulk, the courageous Captain America,sarcastic Iron Man, noble Thor, sly Black Widow, or sharp-eyed Hawkeye.

It up to you. Take this quiz to find out. Just remember, you have to answer truthfully to get truthful results. Hope you get the result you want though I can't gurantee you will.

Created by: Becky Harris
  1. Which is your favorite group of colors?
  2. Which of these weapons would you want to use?
  3. A bully at school walks up and steals your lunch money than laughs in you face when you ask for it back. What do you do?
  4. Did you ever make the mistake of mistaking 'lol' for 'lots of love'?
  5. What is the most important to you?
  6. Do you consider yourself smart?
  7. Are you stronger than most other people your age?
  8. Are you always able to look someone in the eye?
  9. Are you everyones idol?
  10. Did you like this quiz?
  11. How would most people describe you?

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Quiz topic: Which Avenger am I?