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  • Your Result: Black Widow

    Sly and cunning,you use your intelligence to outwit your opponents.You prefer to attack someone from behind rather than face them head on. You can make anyone tell you their deepest secrets by simply talking to them. Though you may seem harsh on the outside, you have a sense of humor and a deep hatred of anything unjust. You are a unique individual. Congratulations, you are Black Widow.

    y duz everyone say that im sly and cunning?! great quiz though

  • Dear HIHIHI6 does girl or boy really matter? I got 80% for both Hawkeye and Iron Man. Im NOTHING like a girl (even though I am one) maybe you just think that your personality can't match a boy. not true!

  • I got Hawkeye. Every detail of Hawkeye's description suits me well, although I wanted either Iron Man or the Hulk. Anyway, 10 stars for this quiz! :)

  • Iron Man. Very accurate description of me.

  • i am a girl and look Your Result:Iron Man siriusly


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