Ultimate Marvel Quiz!

Welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Quiz! This quiz is meant for all Marvel fans, feel free to try my quiz and know just how much you know about the Marvel universe.

This quiz cannot be consider easy unless you have absurd luck and just get everything correctly by guessing. Don't forget to have fun, learn a few facts and rate my quiz!

Created by: Savage Demon

  1. Bucky Barnes is also know as....
  2. Who or what killed Tony Stark's parents?
  3. Hulk is hulk due to... (Current MCU hulk)
  4. Black Widows real name is...
  5. Who is the master of Silver Surfer?
  6. What color is Iron Man's strongest (or best) suit. (Comics)
  7. What did Star Lord's mother die from?
  8. Who devours worlds?
  9. Who can copy your fighting technique with a simple glance?
  10. Who created Wanda?
  11. Ronan is also known as the...
  12. Best magic user...
  13. How many times did Thanos use the Infinity Stones?
  14. Who is general/captain Ross directly associated with?
  15. Alexander Pierce works/worked for...

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