Everyone knows Iron Man

I have watched Iron man at least ten times. It is one of my favorate movies next to Harry Potter and Transformers. I am so going to see the sequel, which is in theaters tonight. I'll tell you what it's about-not a chance!

Finally, someone came out with a great quiz for clever minds. I sure do hope you're as tough as Tony. Get out there, and show me how high your suit can go without freezing!

Created by: Kristina

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  1. Have you seen Iron man the movie?
  2. Who is Iron man?
  3. Who is Iron man's girlfriend?
  4. What event occurs before Iron man is captured?
  5. What was Iron man told to create while captured?
  6. When Iron man returns home, what is the first thing he wants to do?
  7. What does Iron man say to the people at his interview?
  8. Why does Obadiah want Tony to continue creating weapons?
  9. How does Obadiah find out that Tony has created a new and improved suit?
  10. Why does he tell the repoters he is Iron man?

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