Which Avenger Would Be Your Mentor?

You've finally finished your SHIELD Agent training course, and, as a result of your high rank, you have been given an amazing opportunity - the chance to work alongside one of the Avengers!

The answers you give us today will be passed on to each of the Avengers, and they will decide whether or not they feel you will be compatible. Answer honestly, as this is a tremendous opportunity that is not to be taken lightly.

Created by: Hannatude
  1. If SHIELD were to give you ten thousand dollars to spend on NON-ESSENTIALS (no food, housing, or paying off bills) what would you spend it on?
  2. Everyone has a favourite piece of clothing... What's yours?
  3. Stark Enterprise is hosting a "Superhero Ice Cream Social" for charity. What's your flavour of choice?
  4. What's your dream ride?
  5. Sometimes the Avengers call in other heroes to help out. Who would you be the most excited about meeting?
  6. Capes?
  7. There are often times when, after a long day of kicking bad guy butt, the team sits down and chills in front of the TV. What show would you request?
  8. It's Friday night, and the city is quiet, so Stark suggests a movie marathon. Which series has your vote?
  9. Tony's hosting a party, and the DJ's taking requests. What do you ask for?
  10. Stark Tower (where you will be living) has just revoked their "No pets" policy. To celebrate, you go out and get...
  11. Mealtimes at Stark Tower are pretty erratic, there tends to be a lot of junk food laying around. What's your contribution?
  12. You're required to attend an event at a 5-Star restaurant known for multi-cultural dishes. What do you order?
  13. Finish the Phrase: "This is _____"
  14. Finish the Phrase: "Nine ____"

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