Would Peter Parker Date You?

This Quiz will determine whether or not Peter Parker would date you! Pete is a sweet young man... Can you win his heart? Good luck! And thank you so much for doing this Quiz! Warning: suggestive themes and romance.

Are you lovey-dovey enough to win Spidey's heart!? Find out in this Quiz... And thank you so much, I hope Peter Parker has a heart for you! I hope you enjoy! Last Warning: Suggestive Themes and Romance?

Created by: Emily Simmons
  1. Thank you for doing my quiz! You are going to a high school and you develop feelings for a certain brunette... Peter Parker is a smart, sweet, well fit teen-ager, of which you have your eyes on... This quiz will determine whether or not he'd date you... Lets start with a simple question. What is your gender?
  2. Lets continue... Your wandering through a hallway before class starts, when you realize your lost... Peter Parker walks up to you, and offers a hand... As he talks you notice his hazel eyes, surprised when he stops and you weren't listening... What do you do...
  3. After you get to class [whether you find it yourself or Peter helped you] you can't stop thinking about his innocent face, and suddenly remember to ask for his name... You quickly pop out the door, but he disappeared completely, in thin air! What do you do?
  4. After class, you see him in the hallway and make your way over to him, when you see him you notice that he'd been beat up pretty bad... And hesitate to approach him... But eventually do anyways... What do you do?
  5. During lunch, you have already secured his name and the fact that he's always disappearing from local gossip. As you begin to eat, Peter sits down next to you and smiles warmly... Appearing to not have much lunch, at all... When a diva bully slams her tray in front of you and Pete. She smirks darkly, and says "are you geeks coming to my party, not like you have a choice, if you do, I'll, like, give you anything. Anything." Eventually, Peter excepts... What do you do?
  6. Eventually, you go to the party... And immediately realize that it was a mistake... On your way out you see some random girl flirting with Pete, and strangely feel like someone punched you in the gut. What do you do?
  7. Sorry about how long these questions are! After the Party, you run into Peter. When Peter approaches you, your heart drops... What do you do?
  8. At school the next day, Peter walks up to you, and ask you out... What do you do!
  9. You except the date [no matter your answer]. Where'd yah like to go?
  10. On your date, things go great! Afterwards, he wants to check out your place, What do you say?
  11. Despite your answer, Peter is sitting on your bed, and your parents aren't even home! You suddenly realize how cute he really is and... What do you do?
  12. You guys had some 'fun', and you guys told a lot of secrets... Before he left, his spider suit fell out of his back pack... What do you?
  13. Thank you for doing my quiz!! It turns out you and the web slinger go on a few more dates before he makes up his mind about you! Are you excited!? This will not effect your score...

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