Would You Survive 225 days Trapped on a Lifeboat With a Thirsty T

Can you survive for 225 days in a lifeboat on the Pacific with a thirsty tiger? This is based off of The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. The tiger, Richard Parker, is on the life boat you are trapped on after a cargo ship you were taking to Canada failed itself and drowned the passengers.

This quiz is solely based off of the book, so there may be some elements in the book you may not be aware of if you only watched the movie. Richard Parker was supposed to be named Thirsty, but was instead accidentally given the name of the hunter who captured him. He is, however, about 250 pounds now and willing to eat you. Good luck.

Created by: Irene Device

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  1. You hear a loud noise on board the cargo ship taking your family from India to Canada. It startles you. Do you open your eyes?
  2. Richard Parker seems to be drowning. Do you help him?
  3. On the lifeboat, after the zebra has finally died, Orange Juice confronts the hyena, who was the killer of the zebra. She hits him on the head. Do you stir, or are you passive?
  4. Orange Juice and the Zebra who had a broken leg no longer breathe. You have finally observed Richard Parker beneath the tarpalin. What do you do?
  5. You are a vegetarian, and the biscuits in the locker behind Richard Parker contain animal fat. What will you eat?
  6. Many hours have passed... you finished the biscuits and have been feeding Richard Parker fish. You have eaten turtle many times before, and do not have food or water left. The sun has made you blind. You hear a voice.
  7. The voice seems to have a French accent, and claims to be blind as well. Thinking the voice was Richard Parker, you heard it confess it ate two people. Let it on board?
  8. After washing your eyes out, your vision has come back. You see an island of pure green ahead. There is no soil. The life boat bumps into it.
  9. If you went onshore, you discover the unusual algae that gives off fresh-water is edible. Richard Parker goes inland. After resting, you go inland. Did you tie up the boat?
  10. Richard Parker has an endless supply of meerkats to sustain him, and you have been training him with a hoop. However, you discover the island is carnivorous, and at night eats your skin. Do you stay, and sleep in the trees?

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