Trapped Under Part 2

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The continuing saga to Trapped Under, here comes Part 2! Mermaids, hippie mermaids, drama, oh my! I hope you'll enjoy this one; you meet some new characters ;) I'm making this an all girl quiz because it's confusing with the he/she parts. Plus, I don't think you guys are interested in that stuff, am I right?

Inspired by sundaisy's Love is forever, here comes the mermaid series! If you like mysteries, drama, adventure, and adding on to that comedy, this is the quiz series for you! Fantasy fans-you'll love this modern day twist on mermaids!

Created by: kittykatz321 of howrse
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  1. RECAP: Galith and the other mermaids take you to Organia....
  2. You and the other mermaids swim into a wall of mucky seaweed. "Yuck!!!" you say. Hazel says, "It's actually really good for your skin." "Interesting," you say with really no interest at all. They bring you over to a male mermaid with dreadlocks and a million pendents hanging around his neck. As he turns to you, you can see that he is holding a type of fish skull...
  3. He appeared to be in deep concentration. "Maybe we shouldn't bother him now," whispered Thesis. "But he's the only one that knows about the prophecy!" Hazel persisted. "Yea, we defiantly need to talk to him, and I mean NOW." said Galith. You see that there are multicolored lights in the room, and giant shells for seats. You noticed a piece of(dried seaweed?) paper of some sort that has in big letters, "The one that shall for-fill the prophecy will make a sacrifice that will not only kill their heart, but another one that they love."
  4. "Um, can you like talk to him about this prophecy thing that I have no idea about? And is it about me?" you ask. "Unfortunately, yes," said Hazel. You say, "How long will I be here?" "Do you need to tell someone that you'll be gone for a while?" asked Galith."Like, maybe your parents?" "Ha," you thought, "what parents?" but you say instead, "No, no one will miss me." Organia screamed. "IT'S YOU!!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, GET OUT!!!!" he screamed at you. "Organia it's ok!! She is with us, and she doesn't have bad luck!" Hazel explained. She whispered something in Organia's ear.
  5. Organia's face softened. "Oh, I see. Well, what's your name, child?" "I'm not a child, I've lived alone since I was 4," I thought, but responded, "My name's _________. Could you please tell me where I am?" He looked from Hazel to me. Hazel says, "You're the only one who can help us. __________ needs to complete the prophecy, and we need help to understand what we can do to help." Organia thought. Finally, he said, "I'll ask the Kalaconnesis gods. Maybe they can help." He motions them to go into the other room while he-does whatever he does to communicate with the spirits. Praying? Maybe? As you go into the other room, you notice how many other mermaids live in Kalaconnesis. There's a cute guy sitting by the window. He has amazing chocolate eyes that were studying you with interest.
  6. Brown-eyes walks(well, SWIMS)over to you. He immediately looks down at your feet. "A mere mortal?" says BE with kind of an accent. "Shut up, Keith. You can swim away now," Thesis says. "Out of jealousy?" you think. Keith glares at Thesis. "Well someone was bitten by the jealousy jellyfish," he says. "And how do you even breathe underwater, anyway, that HORRID air?" "That's what I'm trying to figure out!" you say, excited you finally get to have a conversation with Keith. "Stop making conversations with mere mortals," Thesis mimicked.
  8. Thesis, Galith, and Hazel exchange glances. Thesis takes a deep breath and says, "It's kind of a long story..."
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