Trapped Under Part 1

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What is a mermaid? A mystical creature? Can they experience love? All these questions and more are answered in "Trapped Under-Part one." Inspired by sundaisy's Love is forever part 1-3, this is a story about faith, trust, love, and heartbreaks. A story you'll never forget.

Do you like adventure? Do you like romance? Do you like drama? How about comedy and heartbreak? The quiz/story that truly has it all, here comes Trapped Under-part one.

Created by: kittykatz321 of howrse
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  1. It's a bright sunny day. You're walking down the street, as usual, and the sun is out, the sky is a vivid blue, the birds are singing, and the clouds look like cotton candy. You live by the shore, and you love to swim. There are always(stupid, in your opinion)rumors about "magical creatures" that have been spotted roaming by the shore. Mermaids, to be specific. But you don't believe any of that. "You've swam in the sea a thousand times" you tell yourself as a nice breeze blows, cooling your hot cheeks, "if there was anything in there, you would know."
  2. You keep walking. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot something zoom past, and then...
  3. ...and you're seeing spots. As you have a crazy dream of you falling into some cool, light stuff, you hear voices. "Is she awake?" asked one of the voices. "Maybe we shouldn't have knocked it out like that...." another voice commented. "It's a she, thank you very much!" you heard another voice scowl. You open your eyes. "Something burns" you think as you realize where you are-in an underwater cave.
  4. You see the people around you. One has bright red hair with purple streaks in it, a girl. She has golden eyes that looked like could see into your soul. Freckles covered her face and her forehead was scrunched up in concern. Another, a boy, has stained-green hair, which was flying all over under the water. His eyes were a bright blue("as bright as the sky," you thought) and he was holding something to your face-was that a sea star?! The last one, another girl, had brown, carmel hair that went all the way down past her-her TAIL?!
  5. After studying her tail, you could take it all in. You slapped the sea star off your face, while blue eyes boy said, "Yep, I'm pretty sure she's awake." Freckle girl introduced herself and her friends. "I'm Hazel. These are my friends, Thesis and Galith," while she motioned to blue-boy and carmel hair. You respond....
  6. Thesis says, "We are the mermaids of Kalaconnesis. It's our underwater society. Why we brought you here? Well your going to have to find our yourself..."
  7. "Let's take her to Organia. He'll know what to do," Galith says. She swims away, her carmel hair flowing in their faces. Thesis and Hazel grab you. They hold your arms and swim faster than you have ever seen. While you are amazed, you are also frighted as you look up at the blue sky that is getting smaller and smaller as you descend into the black sea. "Wait a cotton-picking minute," you say. "What?" asks Hazel. "HOW THE HECK AM I BREATHING?!?!" Hazel and Thesis look at each other. "Um....well you kind of have spe-" Hazel stops Thesis with a hard look. "You know she has to figure that out by herself!!!" "Sorry, sorry! I forgot!!! What's the big deal?" he exclaims. "You know the prophecy!" Hazel snaps. "Well you have a temper," you think. "Kind of like mom..." No. You didn't want to think about mom at a place and time like this.
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