Trapped Under Part 3

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The mermaids are back! Will your story finally be revealed? And what about the prophecy? Tune in to find out!

I hope you'll enjoy this one! GIRLS ONLY-sorry guys!! :P I worked really hard on it, and please rate and comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Created by: kittykatz321
  1. RECAP: Thesis starts from the beginning....
  2. "I guess I'll start from the beginning," Thesis started. "There once was a world underwater. It's where all the mermaids would live. A peaceful, fun, nice place to live. There was no such thing as "enemies." And in this peaceful city, there was a queen and a king. King Apo was a lighthearted man who came from a poor family-but as you can see, anyone can rule in our once fine city. Then there was Queen Polio. She didn't trust anyone, and had any bad qualities you could think of, but clawed her way to the top with lies, greed, and unfaithfulness. Some came to belief that she inherited all the bad qualities that were passed from us to her. She absolutely hated mortals."
  3. "So I guess she wouldn't favor me then, right?" you asked. "Well, I was getting to that. The king wanted to have a family, but Polio refused. He finally convinced her that they needed a Prince or Princess to rule one day. And thus, a baby girl was born."
  4. "And that baby girl was-don't ask me why-a mortal."
  5. "The queen was furious! She hired people to throw her back up on the land, but she miraculously wasn't dieing, no matter how long she was kept underwater, she would be able to breathe."
  6. You are speechless. "Some of the king's descendents were getting concerned for her health. They knew how ruthless the queen could be, so they decided to steal the child and send her to where she belongs. That's when they rested her up on the surface, and waited under the dock for a human to come save her."
  7. "Eventually, a young married couple came along and raised the child as their own. Sadly, her parents were in a horrible fire and her mother literally got burned to death. Her father tried everything he could to save her, but the firefighters dragged him out before he would die too." You eyes started to fill with tears. You could feel your breath shortening as the tears ran down you cheek. The warm, wet slippery feeling was not unfamiliar to you.
  8. "The child was only 4 at the time. Meanwhile, chaos was happening at the once peaceful city. The queen was so angry that her child was a human that they had another which was another girl. She had golden eyes and beautiful fiery red hair." You looked at Hazel. She had tears running down her cheek too. "Sister?" she asked. "Sister," you responded as you hugged her close. Thesis continued. "That's when two new worlds formed. One, Kalaconnesis, is where we live now. The other, where all the evil mermaids live, is called Polisay, after their evil queen." "So let me get this straight-my mother is an evil queen who lives in the evil kingdom called Polisay, Hazel's my sister, and I have to do what now? An why did you find me again?" you ask.
  9. "Polio is rising again, after 13 long years. We read the prophecy, and it said, "The ones of Polio shall bring her down," so we're amusing it's you guys. That's why we found you. Also, me and Galith's great-great grandparents are the ones who rescued you; that's why we are involved in it. Are you in? You'll have to leave your old life, and you'll have to become one of us."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!! How'd you like it?! Will you rate and comment? I worked hard on this one!! Hope oyu enjoyed!!!

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