Elements of Euphoria~ Part 1

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It has been said- the prophecy of The Evil Queen is returning very soon! Camelot City lies on YOUR hands! Can you undercover the mystery of the Elements of Euphoria before it's too late?

Without the Elements of Euphoria, no one can defeat the Evil Queen's return. Can you stop her and uncover this deep mystery before it's too late? Or will Camelot City return to ruins and ashes as it did a hundred years ago when the Evil Queen ruled?

Created by: BookPony672
  1. Your name is Amira and you live in a magical place called Camelot City. You were born with magical powers and you have the right to use your magic for either good or evil. You have a loyal and faithful assistant Golden Retriever dog called Merlin.
  2. "No. No. No. No. No... ugh... MERLIN!" you place your head up and screamed. You have been looking all over for the book about herbs that you needed to return back to the Camelot City Library. "It's over here!" your (talking) dog assistant, Merlin, has a thick book between his teeth. You use your magic powers as your necklace glows deep gold, the book slowly floats over to you with golden sparkles around it. "A-ha!" you said triumphantly as you trotted away with the book. You put the book on the table and start using your magic to flip the pages as Merlin starts putting books back in their right places on your bookshelf. You live in a small cottage at the border end of Camelot City. It was once your fathers but he died in the Great Purge a few years ago. You were now over it. As you started reading through the pages, you stammered out, "The Evil Queen?". "But that's just an old fairytale legend!" protested Merlin with a book between his jaws. "It is said that The Evil Queen will be making a return a hundred years after she has been defeated. She will rise again and destroy the whole of Camelot City for eternal!" you gasped. "Merlin, do you know what this means?!". Merlin doesn't say anything. "Look, Merlin. Take a note, please." Merlin immediately dropped the books and summoned a quill and parchment paper with his special dog powers. You cleared your throat as you began to speak. "Dear King Romeo. I am here to tell that the The Evil Queens return is coming very soon and immediate action must be taken ASAP. From Your Most Faithful Student, Amira." Merlin starts writing what you said down with the quill in his paw. "Anything else?" he yapped. You shook your head. "Nope. Send it immediately. It is imperative that the king knows." you explained, looking outside the windows. "Im-per...Im..." Merlin stuttered. "IMPORTANT!" you shouted as Merlin flew across the room. "Alright, alright!" Merlin dropped the quill and sent the letter away with his magic.
  3. Suddenly, a light metallic sound erupted the room. A reply from King Romeo! Merlin cleared his throat and starts reading. "Dear Amira. Thank You for your concern. I have a task for you to do. Take the royal carriage to a place called... New Orleans! You must find the Elements of..." Merlin trailed off as you squinted his eyes at the letter. "What?! What does it say next?" you asked him. Merlin shook his head. "It's ripped!" he exclaimed. You gasped and snatched the letter from his paws. After the, "elements of..." it was ripped! You groaned as you tried to think of what to do. "I can't send a letter to the king asking for what the other half of the letter was because he'll think of me as a stupid kid! Ugh..." you kept racking your brains when suddenly Merlin piped up. "Hey, what about these books?!" he pointed with his claws at the bookshelf. You suddenly brighten up and begin searching. "Aha! Elements of Euphoria... a study guide!"
  4. After an hour of studying the Elements of Euphoria, you decided to take the royal carriage to this new place, "New Orleans". You've never heard of anything outside of Camelot City. You read about New Orleans being in a place called "USA" where people uphold no magical powers whatsoever. You bring your dog assistant, Merlin with you. "The king wants you to go New Orleans to find out more about the Elements of Euphoria!" Merlin explained to you during the ride. "But how does that help me to defeat the Evil Queen?" you questioned. Merlin shrugged. "I guess the Elements of Euphoria have something to do with the return of the Evil Queen." he guessed.
  5. "According to my book, the Elements of Euphoria upload four special elements: The element of Friendship, Love, Happiness and Enchantments. All these four elements are missing. If they still are being hidden after the return of the Evil Queen, all of Camelot City will be destroyed and taken over by the Evil Queen." Amira starts reading from her book during the carriage ride. Which Element of Euphoria appeals most to you?
  6. Apparently we have to stop Part 1 right here. I have to get ready for soccer training now, so I have to stop writing.
  7. Here's a sneak peak for Part 2: I will need to introduce 3 more characters who uphold the Elements of Euphoria *HINT* you can find them in the results ;)
  8. Can you please check out my other quiz series, "Middle School Romance". You can find it at clicking on my profile (blue link) at the top. And take my other quizzes, including, "Are you good at studying?" and others. Thanks :) I promise you won't be disappointed!
  9. Ok, and for "Middle School Romance" series readers, Part 3 will be published TONIGHT! At least 9:00 PM Australian/Sydney time.
  10. Oh, and before I go, I simply MUST say thank you to my sister, Brooke (bronzeo) for helping me create this series! Without her, this series would have never existed! :)

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