Elemental Love part 1

Hey people, this is my very first quiz. I hope you guys like it and I'll get the next one out as soon as I can. Make sure you read the next paragraph to get the story.

Ok there are four gods that control the Elements. Father Fire is the leader, Mother Earth comes next and Sister Water and Brother Wind are after her. There is one god above them and she controls all the Elements. She is Nia and you are her first and only prodegy. Before you were her prodegy you were Father Fire's prodegy. You are fifteen and are amazing at archery. You are also a 1st dergee black belt.

Created by: _celloplayer_

  1. You must read the 2nd paragraph to get this quiz. If you don't read it you'll have a very hard time understanding it.
  2. Now for the story: It's been a slow day at the shooting range. Only a few people are shooting. Your at the cash register, feet propped up and your reading a book. You hear footsteps coming toward you, and you look up. You see four hot guys coming toward you. A blonde headed guy is with them and you see his hair blowing around.
  3. You shrug it off and put down your book and sit up. "May I help you?" you ask. "Uh yeah, were here for the archery class." A red haired guy said. You glance at the time and smile. "Your right on time." You reached down and pulled out four clipboards. " Now all I need you to do is fill this form out and we'll get started. There are chairs over there and just bring it back up when your done." You hand them the clipboards and sit back to wait. You catch yourself looking at:
  4. After a few minutes the guys come up and hand you the clipboards. "Thank you" You quickly look over them and then look at the guys. You smile at them and say "One moment please" You turn and go in to the office to tell your boss Mr. Cross. " Mr. Cross, I have a class and have to leave the front desk." HE smiles at you and says " Ok thank you for telling me, i'll take over the desk in a minute." You smile and walk out past the front desk and out into the lobby. All the guys are staring at you.
  5. "Hello my name is ______ and i am your archry instructer." you said with a smile. "Now which one of you is Sean?" The brown haired guy raises his hand. "that would be me." he said. you nod toward him and then you say "Tim?" Blonde hair jumps up and says "hear" you nod to him and he sits down. " lets see," you muurmer. "Randy, Randy, oh Randy." "Hi" says the black haired guy. You smile and nod at him. "So you must be Regan" you said to the red headed guy. "that would be correct" he said.
  6. "ok now that we know each other is there any questions?" "Uh, yeah exactly how old are you?" Sean asked. "Fifteen" "And you're the teacher?" Tim asked. "Yes, any other questions?" They stayed slient and you said "ok, please follow me and we'll pick out your bows." As you turn around you feel a wind blow. You look at the trees and the leaves weren't blowing.
  7. You think that was weird as you start walking. You decide to keep an eye on these guys so you blink and watch the world come alive with power. You smile as you feel the faimler sensation of power rushes through you. You reach the shead where the bows and arrows are kept and unlock the door. You push the door open and start turning the lights on and watch the guys enter. Yoou have to stiffle a gasp because all of them are glowing with power. It's strong too.
  8. Sean is blue, which is water. Tim is white with air. Randy is green, Earth. Regan is red, with fire. You recover quickly though and you say to them "Hear is where we keep our bow and arrows. Now we need to get you a bow." (I won't bore you by telling you all the details so we'll skip ahead a little bit.)*10 minues later* You are leading the guys down to the shooting range and are telling the safety rules. "Now the most important rule is that if any offical tells you to stop shooting, you stop. You lower your weapon and back away until you are told it's okay for you to shoot again. That also applies to the buzzers. This is what those sound like." You signle the controler of the buzzer and he plays the buzzers for them. You had reached the spot where your lessons take place. You turn and face them. "Any questions?" They shook their heads and you nod and start the lesson, slipping into your teaching groove. Once you get them shooting you go and help them individulay. "Little straighter," you tell Sean. "Feet closer togther Regan." "Good job" you say to Tim. You walk over to Randy. You place one your hands on his hand and the other on his elbow, raising his hand and lowering his elbow. Then you repositon his fingers then you step into positon on his bow, your body pressing against his. He pulls back with you guiding him. You let aim and let go at the same time as him. "There you go your getting it." you tell him stepping back and smileing. You end the lesson and you watch them walk up and put their bow and arrows away. Then you pick up yours and start shooting, hitting the target every time.
  9. After about half an hour, you hear a twig snap behind you. You turn around knowing that you are the only person on the range, all the time keeping your grip on your bow. You don't see anything so you turn back around. You raise your bow and aim. Before you have time to shoot you hear another twig snap behind you. You look over your shoulder again not seeing anything. You narrow your eyes and face your target. A momnet later you hear whispering behind you. You whip around holding your bow ready to shoot. You shout "Show yourself." You see movment in the tees and shoot toward it, the arrow lodgeing itself in the tree next to the sound. Without breaking time you noucth another arrow. Your shot brings out Sean, Randy, Tim and Regan out of the trees.
  10. You lower your bow, but don't put it down. "What are you doing here?" you ask them. "_______, you need to come with us" Regan said. "I'm not going anywhere with you." you say tenseing up sensing a fight. "It's for your own good." Sean said. "I don't care, I can take care of myself." You snap at them. They take a step toward you and you raise your bow. "Don't come any closer. I don't want to hurt you," you say. They look at each other and Regan nods. All of a sudden the wind picks up and your bow is ripped out of your hands. You narrow your eyes and say "So that's how it's going to be."
  11. You move into a gaurd stance and wait for them to make the first move. They glance at each other and then Randy and Tim run in. You start fighting them at the same time and wait for your enrgey to build up. When you feel ready you use the wind and blow them backward. Quickly after Sean and Regan rush in, fighting harder than Randy and Tim. They are using their powers against you, hopeing that'll slow you down. You just smile and think 'amatures'. You easily fight them off, washing them of their feet. Then all four of them rush in and you jump into the air and land behind them. They run at you again and you leap into the air using the wind to blow them into seperate places. As you land you throw their oppsite element at them making a circle around them. They try to get out but it doesn't work. You look at them barely winded, while they're breathing hard. You shake your head and say "I thought this was going to be a challenge." You then hear the sound of feet landing on the ground. You see the two guys in front of you fall to their knees.You turn around and see...
  12. That's where I'll leave you guys. Come back for part 2! It'll be out as soon as I can get it. Please comment and rate. If you have any ideas for part 2, I would love to hear it. Bye!

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