An interactive date with Peter Parker :3

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Hello! This is now My third Quiz you can check my other ones out!: Your Avengers BoYyY friend UwU and Locked in a room with The Avengers *Spider-man anD Loki* I worked really hard on those so please check em out! :3

This is an interactive date with Peter Parker!! This was really hard because the picture of him kept distracting meOof I sound like a creep... But any way make sure to leave a good review or a like!

Created by: Addie
  1. First off, Fave color *hides behind peter* YoU wouldn’t beat up Sir. hOtness would you!?
  2. Okey I get the feeling that this is gonna be boring if I just ask random questions... So let’s do a role play!! You are sOoOo Exited! You finally get to go out with Your BFF Peter *you’ve had a crush on him for a while*But what’s the real reason you asked him out??
  3. You have an hour to get ready before you have to meet Peter at the cafè. What does your out fit look like?
  4. You put on the outfit you picked out, And paired it with your Spider-Man charm bracelet, You have Ten minutes before you have too meet Peter what do you do?
  5. You walk to the cafe Peter is already inside waiting for youY/N: Hi,Peter! Peter: Hi Y/N!He compliments your outfit you say...
  6. The Waitress comes over and asks what you would like, You let Peter go first because you are still deciding.He gets som TeA ☕. You get...
  7. Your Drinks come and you start talking, What are you guys talking about?
  8. You guys leave the cafe together and decide to go on a little walk, You feel someone’s breath on your neck, Your turn around and see a figure. It scares yoU so much you Scream and Hug Peter. Then you realize it’s Ned what do you do
  9. He walks you back to your house your eyes lock for a moment what do you do?
  10. Did you like this quiz? :3 -does not effect your results-

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