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Hi, I'm MCU quizmaker. This is my third quiz. Please check out my other quizzes, "Are you an MCU expert (test your MCU knowledge)" and "Go on a date with Peter Parker! (role play quiz for girls)!" I only make Marvel quizzes so look for my name if you like Marvel. Please comment on my quizzes and rate them good. I worked super duper hard on these quizzes so I hope you like them. Thanks!

In this quiz, you will have a talk with the Avengers and you will find out weather you will get to become an Avenger or not. These results are based on your opinion and attitude. please be honest with your answers and comment on my quizzes. Shall we begin?......

Created by: MCU quizmaker

  1. Hello, I'm MCU quizmaker. This is my third quiz so I hope you like it. I only make Marvel quizzes so look for my name if you like Marvel and please comment on my quizzes and rate them good. Thank you! If you were a superhero, what would you want your super power to be?
  2. Alright, let's get on with the role play! You walk into the Avengers Tower. Today is the day that you are going to have an important conversation with the Avengers that will determine weather you will be able to become an Avenger or not. How confident are you that everything will turn out great?
  3. In front of you is a tall man and a woman beside him. They introduce themselves as Agent Nick Fury and Maria Hill. What do you do or say to them?
  4. When Nick and Maria lead you to a large room, they walk away and leave you in front of the closed door. You open the door and inside are Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye and Hulk. They are all looking at you. Do you say anything or keep quiet?
  5. They are all sitting at a round meeting table. Captain America stands up. "Hello, you must be Y/N," he says. "We've been waiting for you. Come, sit down." Who do you sit next to?
  6. "So, Y/N," Iron Man starts talking. "Here's your first question. Why do you want to become an Avenger?" What do you say?
  7. "Okay," replies Iron Man. Black Widow starts talking next. "Y/N. I have a question. If I gave you one of my guns, what would you do with it?" What is your answer?
  8. "Aaaaaaaand..." Thor blurts out from the corner. "Next question--would you go with us on a journey to another country *under cough-or planet* even if it means not seeing your family for weeks?" What do you say?
  9. "Hey, Y/N," says Hulk. "Um, I know this isn't really important, but who's your favorite Avenger?" Well, who is it?
  10. After you answer the last question that Hulk asked, you realize that Hawkeye is the only Avenger in the room that hasn't asked you any questions. You notice that he is busy writing notes about all your answers. Would you like to say anything to get his attention or not?
  11. (No matter what you chose) Hawkeye looks up from his paper. "Cap told me to be the note taker," he says looking at Captain America. "Would you like me to ask you a question? Uh...Oh! Say you were in the situation where you would have to choose between saving your family or saving the world. What would you choose?" What is your reply? (take some time to think about it)
  12. Now that all of the Avengers has asked a question to you, it's your turn. What question would you like to ask?
  13. Hawkeye leads you out of the room. He says that he'll call you back in when they have made the decision of weather you'll become and Avenger or not. You are so nervous, you can't stop fiddling with your fingers as you wait. Did you have fun doing this quiz?

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