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This is an Avengers Quiz (If your blind and didnt see it the first time) Im making this so I can get those views! Just think about it! Infinity war is coming out and everyone is going to be looking for Avengers Stuff!

Just be sure to check out Everyone who did better than me! No Im serious there are probably like 50 or so people who Did way better than me! Check those guys out!

Created by: Deadlock

  1. Who is Iron Man's Alter-Ego?
  2. Who was the Man Villian In Iron Man?
  3. Who Tried to get Iron Man Onboard with The Avengers Initiative?
  4. Who is The Hulk's Alter-Ego?
  5. Who is The Main Villian Of The Incredible Hulk?
  6. Who Tries to Find the Hulk at the End Of The Incredible Hulk?
  7. Which Avenger is Introduced in Iron Man 2?
  8. Who is The Child That Iron Man Saves in Iron Man 2?
  9. Who is the Main Villian Of Iron Man 2?
  10. Why Does Thor lose his hammer in Thor?
  11. Who is The Main Villian Of Thor?
  12. Who is Captain America's Alter-Ego?
  13. Who is The Main Villian Of Captain America: The First Avenger?
  14. Who is shown as Steve Rodger's Friend In Captain America: The First Avenger?
  15. Who is The Main Villian Of The Avengers?
  16. Why does Nick Fury Push for The Avengers Initiative?
  17. Where does Thor Take Loki and The Tessaract at the End Of The Avengers?
  18. Who Is revealed to want all the Infinity Stones in The Avengers?

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