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Hello! This is my second Ever quiz my first one is: Your Avengers BoYyY friend UwU. Spelled exactly like that make sure to check it out! This quiz took my almost all day to complete so I would really appreciate it if you gave it a good review and a like!! I’m currently looking for more ideas so new quizzes coming soon!! These are all fan based! Not real, Fan based but they can be as real as you want them to be!

This is a role play quiz but it shouldn’t take you a lot of time to finish! There is a total of 15questions and there are Seven results you can get! :3 have fun!!

Created by: Addie

  1. Hello Everyone :3 welcome back! Before we start the Roleplay I’m going to ask a simple question! Who Do u wAnnA gEt UwU
  2. Ok now it’s ~RP~ You get a text from tony saying he’s having a sleep over at stark tower and he’s sending a van not a limo so it doesn’t attract too much attention!
  3. You get another text from Tony “saying to hurry up and pack The van will arrive at Exactly 5pm.” What do you pack?
  4. You’re waiting out side for Tony to come pick you up,The van pulls up and the door opens you climb in. When the door shuts there’s a man suddenly in front of you that’s definitely NOT Tony! He tackles you. What do you do?
  5. Whatever you do it ends up making him angrier so he puts this cloth up to your face, A strong smell wafting off of it, you pass out. When you wake up your on the floor in a dark room with your Wrists and Ankles tied with rope. And a small sack over your head. With duct tape on your mouthWhat do you do?
  6. You take your shoes of and manage to slip the rope off your ankles, also manage to get the sack off your head so you can see! You roll over and use your hands to push your self up so you can stand. It sounds like Your Team mates are arguing over some thing as you walk out the room. You...
  7. After you FINALLY get the rope off you ask Tony, Y/N: Why did you kidnap me? Where the. HeCk am I? Tony:It wasn’t my fault, Those HYDRA agents stole my phone after they kidnapped me and told you guys to get in their van! Y/N: Those StUpid HYDRA agents ruin everything! Peter: Tell me about it. Thor: ThEY DIDNT RESTOCK OUR POPTARTS YET! Steve: *Facepalm* Bruce: Yeah! And we’re starving!! Everyone: *Nods in agreement*Y/N: You poor unfortunate Soulss :( You offer to make them food! They all beg you to Peter literally got down on his knees and begged Y/N: Ok just calm downnn, I’ll make somethingYou walk into the kitchen and look in the fridge Y/N: hmmmmm... What do you make?
  8. Has you start making *whatever you picked* you feel you back getting soaked! You slowly turn around to see Tony who has water balloons in his hands!You...
  9. You told the guys to sit at the table as you serve themAs soon as you sat down their plates were CLEAN Y/N: I guess you guys were hungry. As they all go for seconds you start talking about your favorite stuff. Steve is curious about your favorite song. You say...
  10. Once everyone is finished you take their plates and ask if they would like to play a card game.They are happy you said that because they have been so bored.Y/N: good because I brought a bunch bc I thought this was a sleep over so. Who ever helps me wash the dishes gets to pick the gameSteve runs to the kitchen while screaming Steve: I'll HELPp Y/N: Ok.your holding the plates carefully in your arms as you walk to the kitchen Steve takes half and you take half After finishing the dishes you say Y/N: Thanks for your help Steve, I’ll go get the games. You show him three games Crazy 8’s, Apples to Apples, and UnoSteve picks Apples to Apples. After you finish Explaining the rules you start and not even five minutes into the game, Loki starts Cheating! You...
  11. Peter won! And in the middle of the game Tony bet him if he won he would get an Extra cookie. So while your eating your cookies Peter says Peter: Look Y/N! A spiderYou look where he pointed but there was no spider. You turn back to your cookie but it’s gone. You look at Peter but he shrugs while obviously chewing your cookie You
  12. When it’s finally time for bed Peter asks Steve Peter: Well... Where is Y/N supposed to sleep? Steve: Uh... with us where else? Peter looks at you. You shrug, who do you sleep next too?*who you pick doesn’t effect your Ending answer*
  13. This morning You Assign each Person a chore so you are all equal, not you do everything or they do everything ,we all do it together,we had that place cleaned up in no time! You all work very well together and that’s when you come up with a plan! Y/N:Hey um... guys? Shouldn’t we be coming up with an escape plan? Tony laughs Tony: Oh, Wait your serious? Y/N: yup! We need to get out of here!! Peter: She’s not Wrong...Steve:Yeah I think we should come up with an idea! Y/N:Ok, all of you gets a piece of paper.-Passes out papers-Y/N: Ok now write down your ideas for an escape plan, then hand them into me. Once everyone has written an idea I’ll read them out loud and we’ll vote! Everyone hands in a piece of paper pick the one you think is going to win!
  14. After you read the suggested solutions you read them again slowly asking them to raise their hand when they hear the one they want.Bruces idea got the most votes so we started the plan! You all stand in front of the wall to be broken, We discussed what our fake argument was going to be about. They eventually decided on some thing!who’s hair is better! Steve Starts the argument with you.You start braiding your hair.Steve: Uh.. Y/N, My hair is always going to be better you know that right? Y/ N:mHm SUREeeE... we will have to see about that Steve:No I’m serious Y/N! He yells. Suddenly Everyone just joins in the argument, yelling at each other Who’s hair is better. Then to make it more interesting you take out water balloons and start throwing them at the Boys Tony:MY HAIRRrR! *he fakes*You notice Bruce is starting to loose it so instead of throwing one at Clint, You aim for Bruce, And that’s what really pushed him over the edge he starts transforming.You scream...
  15. You all take cover when you open your eyes, Everything is lit up. You sit up rubbing you head then you look right in front of you! You see NYC. Y/N: WE DID ITTtTt!Thor: WOOoOoOO fInallY poP tArTss Peter: FrEsh Air!! You all hug you did it ,you made it out alive!!You have learnt a lot from this experience! You are so happy, you accidentally grab someone’s hand! Who’s is it?

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