How should I decorate my room?

I know most people don't read this, but if you are, HIIIII :D. This is a quiz that tells you, or gives you ideas on how to decorate your room. It can just be for fun or if you actually want some inspiration.

I really like doing DIY decor, and interior design stuff. I hope you like this quiz :) Rating and commenting is awesome :)))) IF YOU WANT and liked this quiz and maybe some of my other ones, you can check out my instagram jenna_the_1st THANKSTHANKSTHANKS :D

Created by: PandaGirl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Why are you doing this quiz :))))))) JUST WONDERING
  2. Please don't get angry *crosses fingers* What's your favorite color?
  3. Do you share a room?
  4. Do you have hardwood or carpeted floors?
  5. Which rug would you like the most?
  6. Out of these, which do you want your room to be like?
  7. Lots of pillows? YAY OR NAY
  8. How do you want to decorate your walls?
  10. Animal print?
  11. I hope you liked this quiz :)))))

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