How much do you know about my room?

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Everyone had his/her own room. What is your room like? I was thinking about it so I made this quiz. I hope you like it and please rate and comment :D

My room is my favorite place in thw whole world! I love it even though it is smallish. My room just reflects my personality...It's very colorful and nothing reall mathces :P

Created by: Wooden Bridge

  1. What color are the walls in my room?
  2. What color is my carpet?
  3. How many windows do I have in my room?
  4. How many book cases do I have in my room?
  5. What color is my rug?
  6. How many of my paintings, sketches and photographs have I hung on the walls of my room?
  7. What color is the headboard of my bed?
  8. Do I have a closet in my room?
  9. what do I keep in the drawers of my room?
  10. What color is my curtain?
  11. Well...I don't know if it is included but, What color is my headphone?
  12. What color are my school bags? I have 2 :)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about my room?