what is your dream bed room?

have you ever wonder what your dream room is? well most people have. this is your chance to find out! have fun with this quiz! let's just hope you don't get the boring room!

when you find out your dream room you may be surprised! you could get somthing you didn't even think you could get! some of these rooms are really cool. I wonder what you will get!

Created by: hannah, hilary

  1. if you had a awesome room it would be...........
  2. what is something you really like to do?
  3. if you got your dream room what would be your favorite thing to do in your room?
  4. when you grow up what do you want to be?
  5. what is the main thing you are looking for in your dream room?
  6. what's your favorite thing in your room right now?
  7. do you like this quiz so far?( no effect)
  8. if you were a animal what animal would you be?
  9. if you were a panther and you saw a human you would..........
  10. if you were a puppy and you really have to go to the bathroom you..............

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Quiz topic: What is my dream bed room?