Falling in Love?

It's probably the best day of your life!!!! You got your dream job at the magazine 'Sixteen.' It seems that all of your dreams have finally come true!!!

Little do you know that you are just starting to have one of the wildest adventures of your life! One so weird you will think that you are in a dream! Take this quiz to find out where your true loyalties lie! (At least in the story) :-)

Created by: Apple
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  1. Congratulations! You've gotten your dream job at the magazine 'Sixteen'! :-)
  2. You arrrive at the 'Sixteen' headquarters, and are surprised and intimidated at how big the building is. Nevertheless, you summon up some courage and enter the large building. As you walk inside, you are approached by a tall guy with curly blonde hair and blue-blue eyes. "Hi," he says, "I'm Jordan. Need any help?"
  3. Jordan insists on giving you a hand and accompanies you to the editor-in-chief's office.
  4. As you reach the office, Jordan says, "Well this where I leave you." "What?" you ask, "Can't you at least walk me in?" Jordan shudders, "Well," he says, "He's a beast. And I just can't do it. You'll understand later."
  5. Jordan leaves. One second later, the door opens and you are confronted by a tall, stern-looking woman wearing a long grey woolen dress.
  6. The woman gives you a tight-lipped smile then hustles you inside. "You're late!" she hisses at you, "And he's mad!
  7. You are about to protest that you are only one minute late, when the woman shoves you through a slightly open door. You are standing in front of a large mahogany desk, an overstuffed leather chair is behind it, facing away from you.
  8. The chair slowly turns around, a brown-haired, brown-eyed guy stares at you coolly. You note with some confusion that he can't be more than a year older than you. This fact, along with the staring:
  9. He rises slowly, clears his throat, and holds out his hand expectantly. You get the sudden feeling that he is American royalty and you should curtsy or kiss his hand or something. Then with a start, you realize that you are supposed to shake his hand. "I'm Mark," he tells you, "I'm your new boss. Sit down." You sit down and think,
  10. That night, what keeps you awake?
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