Weird NJ Fan Test

You've read all the magazines, you have all the books, you've watchewd the tv show, and you've attended their twice yearly parties. You've even had contributions published in the magazine or the book or both. So you think you know everything there is to know about Weird NJ? Prove it.

This quiz will assess your knowledge of the people, palces and thingts that have been in the magazine. It will also assess how much you've actually gone and seen, as well as how much you know about the Marks themselves. Are you ready to find out, just how much of a fan you really are?

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Which of the following childrens attractions is still open? Gingerbread Castle, Adventure Village, Wild West City, Fairy Tale Forest, Miniature Kingdom
Gingerbread Castle
Adventure Village
Miniature Kingdom
Wild West City
Fairy Tale Forest
How many of the following have you visited *at night*? Clinton Rd, Indian Cabin Rd, Annies Rd, Split Rock Rd, Demons Alley, Shades of Death
What do the following roads have in common? Ewing St exit off Route 208m Cooper Rd in Middletown, Pleasant Valley Rd off Route 29, and Harmony-Brass Castle Rd in Washington Twp?
They have been UFO sightings on them
They are gravity hills
There are abandoned psych facilities on these roads
The jersey devil has been spotted there
Which of the following does not belong? Annies Rd, Midgetville, Waving Joe, Garret Mountain
Annies Rd
Waving Joe
Garret Mountain
True or false? White Mana is Hackensack and White Manna in is Jersey City
True or false? NJ is/was home to the Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum, A corrections Museum, a garbage museum and the Mutter Museum of medical oddities
What town is home to all of the following? A downed military jet, demons alley, the stone living room, Clinton Rd, and Jungle Habitat?
West Milford
The Underdog Lady had a fight with what famous entertainer?
Opie & Anthony
Howard Stern
Don Imus
David Letterman
Who are the following people? James Robertson, Ed Geil and William Johnson?
Wahoo Yahoo, the sockman of Middletown, Hoop the King of Art
The Hackensack Dancer, the Elvis Impersonator of Garret Mountain, Zippy the Pinhead
Uncle Floyd, the Iceman, the beast of Button Woods
Which of the following is *not* an abandoned psychiatric facility?
Skillman Psychiatric
Marlboro Psychiatric
Hagedorn Psychiatric
Roosevelt Hospital in Edison
Essex County Sanitorium
Have you gone out at night and explored a cemetery?
What NJ winery uses larges champagne bottles to advertise its presence?
Amwell Winery
Alba Winery
Cream Ridge Winery
Renault Winery
Sylvin Farms
Which of the following is not a real place? Devils tea Table, Demons Alley, Devil Tower, the Devil Tree, the Gates of Hell
Devils Tea Table
Demons Alley
Devils Tower
the Devil tree
the Gates of Hell
they're all real
Which of the following cities did not have a nike base during the cold war?
Sandy Hook area
Colts Neck
Someone has placed dolls and statues on the top of telephone poles along what major roadway?
Route 80
Rt 23
NJ Turnpike
Rt 287
AC Expressway
What will you find if you explore the woods of Federal Hill in Bloomingdale?
An abandoned boy scout camp
an iron door
an abandoned mine
abandoned railroad cars
Why are there so many abandoned houses and properties up Sussex County near Walpack?
Taxes in NJ are killer
The Army Corp of Engineers wanted to build a damn and people had to leave
too many Jersey Devil signings
commuting to NYC proved too stressful and difficult for the residents
True or false: off the NJ shoreline there is a half sunk ship made from concrete, a German u-boat, an air force transport with unarmed nuclear bombs, and a 400 ft tall radio tower.
The infamous death seat can be found at what bar?
The Blue Mirror
Gimberts Tavern
Spats Tavern
The Old Canal
Flannery�s Tavern
And finnaly, how well do you know the two marks? Which of these statements is correct?
Mark Moran is the founder of Weird NJ and Mark Sceurman has the beard
Mark Moran has the beard and Mark Sceurman is the founder
Mark Moran is the founder and has a beard
Mark Sceurman is the founder and has a beard

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