How weird are you?

There are not enough weird people in our society. I find that there is fun in being weird and different. In this quiz you will see if you're weird enough to be different or just plain average. Can you add to the growing weirdos?

Are you weird or not? Can you eat a bug without throwing up? Can you be as weird as a flying fish? Well if you can you will certainly pass this test and be considered a weirdo. It may seem weird to be a weirdo but really it's not so bad!

Created by: Kari
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  1. do you eat bugs?
  2. do you put butter in your bath tub then get in it?
  3. how many veins are in the human body? (I don't really know the numbers are just wild guesses)
  4. If you could date any hot guy who would it be?
  5. If your teacher showed you slimy slugs what would you say?
  6. does your mom think you are superman because of something you did?
  7. do you know what pyrometalergical means?
  8. yes or no do you think super models are cool?(nothing against super models really)
  9. what would you name your first kid?
  10. Crackers!!!
  11. are you emo?

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Quiz topic: How weird am I?