How much of a Weird Al Fan are you?

There are very smart people in the world! BUT only a few who are smart at knowing there weird al. Those scientists think there all smart! BUT THERE NOT! Cause they dont no weird al! I am a Weirdalentist. I WIN!

Do you know your weird al? Of course you don't. but i want to test you anyway. but i am the master. if you got 100% pagescreen it and email it to

Created by: Im_A_Retard
  1. Name Weird Al's First CD.
  2. Whats Weird Als Full name?
  3. What tv show did weird al not appear in?
  4. Whats weird al's hamsters name?
  5. Who played the janitor in UHF?
  6. What Pokemon movie did weird al make Polkamon for?
  7. How much Micheal Jackson parodies did weird al have?
  8. What was weird al's first without polka CD?
  9. Weird al sucks!
  10. Whats weird al's favorite number?
  11. Where was weird al born?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Weird Al Fan am I?