Are You Weird?..

This is the quiz you are looking for. This will tell you how weird you are! Whether you are really really weird or just about normal this test tells the truth, so do you want to know or not?

So ARE you weird? Do you make friends with pop bottles and hug complete strangers? Is the kiwi just a tasty fruit and a strange bird? This will tell you right here.. This one yeah.

Created by: Zcairah
  1. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
  2. Have you ever talked to inanimate objects?
  3. Have you ever made friends with animals?
  4. You've gotten a teacher to believe something that was complete nonsense.
  5. Three words to describe you.
  6. Your best friend is.
  7. A kiwi is more than a bird and a fruit right?
  8. Your pretty sure you have a Mental disorder.
  9. You laugh at one of the following: Fart poop Uranus dwarf or pudding.
  10. You are taking this quiz because.

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