Are you a Weird Person

There are many weird people in this world and you might be in the catagory, you can take this quiz and see if you are among those of the weird ones. Lets see how smart you are and I will give you a lolly pop if you past the test.

Are you a strange person or are you just plain dumb? Many people think they are aren't weird but alot of people are. Maybe you fit the bill. Just take a few minutes to answer these questions, it won't hurt.

Created by: Troy
  1. Do you laugh out of the blue?
  2. Do you suprise yourself sometimes
  3. When you Fart you...
  4. Ever thought you really were a pokemon?
  5. Do you Know who Joe Momma is?
  6. Do you want to become the pokemon master?
  7. Almost done, What are you thinking?
  8. Are you a Homogenious Mixture?
  9. Where is Waldo
  10. Did you read this question?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Weird Person