Are you wierd ?

In this world, there is 2 person type that are very different. The starnge people and the almost normal people. What kind are you ? To know it, awnser to my questions and you'll have the awnser !

Are you weird ? Do you listen to weird music ? Do you like quiz about yourself ? Are you quite normal ? That's what you'll see in my quiz ! So here your are, enter and you'll be the first to know if YOU are a "special person"

Created by: Math
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you listen to pink floyd ?
  2. Do you listen to Celine Dion ?
  3. Do you wear pink t-shirt with : I love monopoly ! Write on it ?
  4. Do you like watching two gays f***cking?
  5. Do you listen to Queen ?
  6. Are you able to touch your nose with your tongue ?
  7. Do you enjoy curling ?
  8. Do you spend six hours a day on PC ?
  9. Is your cellphone in a shape of an animal ?
  10. Is the questions of this quiz was normal ?

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Quiz topic: Am I wierd ?