Pink Floyd Quiz

Pink Floyd was one of the all-time greatest rock 'n' roll bands. If you are truly a fan of the group, take this quiz and see just how much you know about "The Floyd".

Any real fan of Pink Floyd should be able to score highly on this quiz. This quiz will be a good indication as to whether or not you are a true Pink Floyd fan.

Created by: Steve
  1. Which members of the band were NOT from Cambridge
  2. Which Pink Floyd album was the first on which Syd Barrett did not appear?
  3. What is Syd Barrett's real name?
  4. Who played drums on the track "Remember A Day"?
  5. The first Roger Waters song to appear on a Pink Floyd album was:
  6. What was the first Pink Floyd album that featured David Gilmour?
  7. What was the name of Syd Barrett's first solo album?
  8. What was the B-side of Pink Floyd's first single (Arnold Layne)?
  9. Pink Floyd recorded music for which Michelangelo Antonioni film?
  10. What is the only Pink Floyd song written by Richard Wright and Nick Mason?
  11. What was the title of Roger Waters' first solo album?
  12. What was the last Syd Barrett song to appear on a Pink Floyd album?
  13. What was the B-side to the single "Careful With That Axe, Eugene"?
  14. What were the titles of the two soundtrack albums that Pink Floyd recorded for Barbet Schroeder?
  15. What was the title of Richard Wright's first solo album?
  16. What was the first Pink Floyd album on which David Gilmour sang all the lead vocals?
  17. What is the name of the band that Syd Barrett played in after he left Pink Floyd?
  18. What is the only Pink Floyd album that does NOT feature Richard Wright?
  19. In 1972, the band released the film "Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii". Which of the following songs from the film was NOT recorded in Pompeii?
  20. What song appears on the lyric sheet for "The Wall" but does not appear on the album?

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