Which member of Pink Floyd are you?

This quiz is for people to see who they have the most in common with, and who it is they enjoy the most in the band Pink Floyd. There is a variety of questions on the matter, but only a few possibilities.

There are roughly 25 questions to this quiz and 5 possible outcomes. Questions answered with numerical digits. Any takers will be appreciated. Who will you turn out to be in common with in the Pink Floyd?

Created by: jon
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  1. If you were in a band, would you rather be in the spotlight or the background?
  2. Would you play Guitar, Drums, Keys, Bass, or just Sing?
  3. Who in the Floyd, if you could switch places, would you like to be?
  4. What is your favorite album by the Floyd? 1.Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. 2. A Saucerful of Secrets. 3. The Wall. 4. The Division Bell. 5. A Momentary Lapse of Reason
  5. Which Artists solo work did you enjoy the most? 1.Syd Barrett. 2.Roger Waters. 3.David Gilmour. 4.Richard Wright. 5.Nick's drumming solos (solo work)
  6. Which song would you listen to the more? 1.Astronomy Domine. 2.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. 3.The Narrow Way Pt.3. 4.Remember A Day. 5. Nick's Boogie
  7. From UmmaGumma, which song would you rather? 1.Astronomy Domine 2.Sysyphus 3.The Narrow Way 4.Grantchester Meadows 5.The Grand Vizier's Garden Party
  8. When Problems confront you do you....1.Pretend They're Not There 2. Confront Them Head On 3. Sit And Mull It Over 4. Try your best with what you can to fix it. 5. Bury Your Head In The Sand
  9. Do you enjoy taking drugs? 1. yes 2.no
  10. Do you enjoy 1.riddles and poetry, or 2.striaght-forward stories
  11. Do you relate more to 1. the psychedellic era of music, 2.the blues side of music, 3. the jazz side of music, or 4. the percussion of music, or 5. the softer side of music?
  12. Do you have or believe in any bit of a spiritual life? 1. yes, 2. no
  13. 1.Luminous Green or 2.Baby Blue?
  14. 1.Day or 2. Night?
  15. Do you rather 1.Syd's era of Floyd, Roger Waters' era of Floyd, or 3. Post Roger Waters' era?
  16. Do you rather 1.guitar with alot of treble, slides, and effects; or 2.guitar with bass, sustain, and solos?
  17. Do you rather 1. long straight and nice hair, or 2. big crazy hair?
  18. 1.solid or 2. striped clothing
  19. Would you take 1.the path less traveled, or 2.go down the path you'd know to be safe?
  20. 1.money or 2.freedom
  21. 1.diamonds or 2.emeralds?
  22. 1.Silver or 2.Gold?

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Quiz topic: Which member of Pink Floyd am I?