How Pink Floyd Are You?

There's more there than meets the ear, and people of all ages, genders, cultures, and personal hygiene preferences have learned to look with their minds. Multi-media before even fluorescents, long before digitization, but sometime after the age of reason.

How much do you know about Pink Floyd? Not just the Pink Floyd of the "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall," but the "Embryo" Pink Floyd at "Childhood's End" with a "Paintbox" and a "Bike" playing with the "Massed Gadgets of Hercules?" Take a look and try your hand...

Created by: Justin Payne of Rational Ignorance
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  1. There have been five regular members in Pink Floyd. They are:
  2. The band released its first single in:
  3. That first single was:
  4. Pink Floyd's fourth official release was 1969's Ummagumma, an equal mix of live & studio recordings. Ummagumma is slang for:
  5. Which is the only member to have belonged to all incarnations of the band.
  6. Dark Side of the Moon fell off the Billboard album chart in
  7. Mademoiselle Knobs is available only
  8. Careful With that Axe, Eugene has also been known as
  9. The name Pink Floyd comes from
  10. Waters once said "Steve ... [has] very little idea ... what the music's about." About whom was he talking?
  11. What was the original name of (the song) Atom Heart Mother, and what was the name of the subject of the album cover?
  12. In the film, The Wall, Pink reads poetry in a bathroom stall after the song Stop! The poetry includes lyrics from
  13. Wright did not appear on which Pink Floyd album?
  14. Lead vocals on the studio cut of Have a Cigar were sung by
  15. Mason receives vocal credit on
  16. Which album was not a soundtrack?
  17. To whom is Waters talking in Not Now, John (from The Final Cut)?
  18. According to Lost for Words, Gilmour reached out to Waters, who said:

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