how much of a pink floyd fan are you

There are many people out there who call themselves a pink floyd fan, but to me a pink floyd fan is more than just listening to the music, you have to know about the band as well!

Are you a real Pink Floyd fan? Well, you are about to find out! Just take this quiz and you will find out just how much of a fan you are, whether it be not a fan at all, or a Pink Floyd fanatic!

Created by: t00thpaste
  1. Who was the origional lead singing of Pink Floyd?
  2. Why did Syd Barrett leave Pink Floyd?
  3. Who was the new member of the band after Barrett left?
  4. Roger waters was a bass guitarist.
  5. What year was Pink Floyd's last concert?
  6. What is considered to be Pink Floyds greatest album?
  7. Which of these songs was a tribute to Syd Barrett?
  8. Who's life was the movie, "The Wall", loosely based on?
  9. What was Pink Floyd's first Album?
  10. What was Pink Floyd's last album? (not including greatest hits or compilations of previous written songs?)

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Quiz topic: How much of a pink floyd fan am I